Friday, October 23, 2015

Final Cut Photos for Framing

As mentioned in my previous post, I selected some photos to print out, frame and hang in my living room. Here are the ones that made the final cut. They may look familiar, I've probably used them in various posts here.

The biggest picture should be the most familiar as it's the one I use as the backdrop for my blog pages. It measures 12x16. (All numbers are inches.)

Grand Lake, 2014
 The four prints that are 8x10:
Clemow Lake, 2014
Barron Canyon, 2013
North River, 2014
Cedar Lake, 2014
The four individual 5x7 prints:
Going into Biggar Lake, 2015
Cedar Lake, 2014
Moose in North River, 2014
Erables Lake, 2015
These are the waterfall prints in the frame that holds three 5x7's:
High Falls (hike), 2013
Petawawa River, 2014
Near North Tea Lake, 2015
 These are the sunset prints in the frame that holds three 5x7's:

Carl Wilson Lake, 2015
Grand Lake, 2014
Lac Antostagan, La Verendrye Park, QC, 2015

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