Sunday, November 08, 2015

Paddling in La Verendrye Park, QC: Day 1 - Part 2

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Our view for the evening
Right next to our campsite there was a family of osprey. Our presence didn't bother them at all. They must know that their nest way, way up in that tree wasn't in any danger from us.
Two osprey are sitting on a branch
 At least with 6 people in the group, any work could be done pretty quickly. Once we landed we unloaded canoes, chose which tent would go where, and set up to make dinner. I brought along the bug shelter and it was set up closest to the shore. The next tent pad had the girls' tent. The spot behind that was for the parents' tent. I was at the very back of the bus hanging a hammock between two trees. I had brought along LT's hammock to try it out. I also brought my air mattress to use inside the hammock as I heard they are cold from below.

Shortly after settling on our site we noticed the bathing suit family go by in their two canoes. It turned out they had settled on one of the reserved sites. This park denotes some sites as reserved and they are meant for bigger groups. I felt bad for them although the next campsite past us was less than 1 km away.

Julianne had brought a delicious dinner of whole wheat pasta with pesto and fresh veggies. There was also some yummy bread with rosemary. I made banana nut bread pudding for everyone for dessert. 
A perfect campfire
We spent a bit of time in the bug shelter as the sun was dropping. Then it happened, we had the most gorgeous sunset I think I've ever seen while camping. We all gathered around the beach to take picture after picture. Just when we thought it was done, it would become more beautiful.



The group started to shuffle off to bed, disappearing one at a time. Finally I went back to my hammock to tuck in. I was a bit nervous, being so far back on the site and being alone. As I got to the hammock, I saw some movement on the ground. It was a bunny rabbit! He sat stock still peeking at me with a side eye. He looked exactly just a chocolate Easter rabbit, right down to his round eye. Once I was in the hammock it took me a long time to settle down and get comfy. The problem was my air mattress was FULL. I realize now it shouldn't be so full of air. It was my first night in a hammock and I didn't sleep that great.

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