Saturday, February 27, 2016

Campfires - a picture post

We don't have a lot of campfires on our trips. We prepare for them. We have fire starter, multiple lighters, and a great saw. On our first couple of trips together we carried (okay, LT carried) some firewood purchased from the front gate. But the more we get into a rhythm of travelling together, the less we bother with campfires. On our longest trip of 7 days last year we only had a couple. It was September and a lot of the sites were picked pretty clean.

I generally don't cook over a fire. However we make an exception for pizza and cinnamon buns. Both recipes have yeast dough involved, setting a pot of the dough next to the fire on a flat rock is an excellent way to speed up that process. 

Here are some pictures of the campfires we've had:

Starting the fire - LT has a technique...
Cinnamon buns being put on the fire to cook
And...they're done! 
Fires are good for drying shoes
And smoke keeps the bugs away, or maybe it was the shoes
They enhance a spectacular sunset
Uh-oh a burn hole from the flying sparks

Grand Lake interesting fire pit
Picture proof of LT's carrying of the firewood all day - Opalescent Lake
It's good camping etiquette to leave behind some dry wood for the next crew coming through

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