Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Toys for 2016 - Part 1

Each year we fine tune our travelling gear. Keeping an eye on the internet, Facebook, blogs, articles, to see what others suggest and deciding if we might want to try that too. So far this is my list of new gear to try out for the upcoming season.

On a vacation to Arizona in November I went to a Cabela's store for the very first time. It was quite the experience. Before I even entered the store I heard a woman in the parking lot, who was carrying her newly purchased handgun in the box (they didn't even give her a plastic bag), discussing with a stranger the pros and cons of the particular model she'd chosen. 

The store was huge, I found my way back to the camping gear. Most of the stuff is meant for people that get to their camping sites in large motorboats or on ATVs with trailers. In other words, it's not lightweight. I still bought something, a table. I find it tough when cooking that there's so much stuff strewn around on the ground. I don't think this table will make it on a long trip with a lot of portages, it's a bit heavy and bulky. But it will definitely make it on some shorter trips.
It came with its own bag
It will hold up to 125 pounds, including 2 beers
This table has an interesting design feature. There are straps that are tightened at each of the 4 corners. It gives the table its strength. This table was around $15 US.

At Costco last weekend I picked up a down throw.
In its stuff sack
Out of the bag
We've been looking for a way to keep warmer during the spring and fall. I didn't want to invest $300 in a new sleeping bag. I may sew some velco on the corners of this and on my sleeping bag so the two silky fabrics don't repel each other. This throw was $29.99.

I took out my sleeping bag and laid it on my bed then checked the size of the throw with it. I might just fold it in half, sew the bottom and one side, then put a couple of velcro tabs on the top to keep it over the sleeping bag in place. 

A perfect size to go over my sleeping bag!
I sought advice from a friend at work, he has experience as a professional photographer, to get some tips. He suggested a polarizing filter. While I was at the camera store getting one the strap below was on sale and is perfect for my small camera. I've dropped it in the drink before and this strap will ensure it at least floats.
New camera gear
I have my Christmas presents too that are new for me this year. First and foremost my new hammock! But I also have some new drybags, a neck wrap, a clearbag (for the map) and hot chocolate from Godiva.

I have a whole post on my new dehydrator, the Excalibur.And I still have that $100 gift card to Algonquin Outfitters to spend!

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