Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Le Petit Train de Nord - a cycling trip: Day 4

Today's route would take us from Val-David to St.-Jerome, back to our cars and the end of our cycling trip. We would cover 42.3 km.

Our breakfast started with fruit smoothies and we had a couple of choices for the main meal. We packed our bags, got our bikes out of a locked shed on the property, and headed on our way. Our pace today was leisurely to start. We had fallen into a comfortable speed.

Not very far out of town we were following a spectacular river. We stopped to take many pictures. We were going to miss all this gorgeous countryside.

Eventually we would be trading the countryside for a more urban feel on the bike path. There were more parking lots for local, urban day cyclists, dog walkers and joggers. There were a lot more streets to cross. We stopped at a Tim Horton's for lunch. I was served by a woman who's second language was French, her first Spanish, so I practiced my Spanish a bit chatting to her. Another server was very happy to have a chance to practice her English with us while we ordered.

We ended up at a picnic table in the parking lot. With all our bikes there, we didn't want to take a chance leaving them out of sight.

After a bite, we continued on the urban portion of our trip and before we knew it, we were at our cars. We were able to pick up our bags there and were on our way. Nat and I made a detour to a large shopping centre on the way home, but neither of us bought anything. 

This was a great introduction to a group bike riding vacation. My companions were awesome, the pace was perfect, the scenery was beautiful. I highly recommend this type of travel. When you're on a bike, rather than sitting in a car, you really get to see where you are travelling!

Now all I need to do is convince Nat to write a trip log of their cycling trip the next year of the Blueberry Route in Quebec!

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