Monday, March 07, 2016

LT's solo trip - a picture post

Here are some pictures from LT's solo trip he took for Canada Day 2015 (June 28th to July 3rd).
Cedar Lake - not so calm
Ready to start 700M Portage

Narrow Bag Lake

Just arriving at Burntroot Lake

That's a lot of kitchen rocks

Looking south down Burntroot Lake

Burnroot Sunset

Hogan Lake, nice kitchen area

Arrival at Hogan Lake campsite

Departure from Hogan Lake Campsite

Hogans Lake capsite, home for two days due to weather

Starting to get a few scratches, great canoe from Trailhead

Clear skies are nice but a few clouds give some depth and texture

Island campsite on Catfish Lake

Cooking for one
Cedar Lake - verrrrry calm
Trip over :-(

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