Saturday, July 18, 2015

Evening Paddle

We decided to take the canoe out for an easy evening paddle this week.  I swung by LT's place, we loaded the canoe on my car and I drove to Shirley's Bay.  I had been here once before, just for a picnic on the beach.  Hint, it's easier to lauch the canoe in the area designated for boat launching (I know, sounds pretty obvious!).  The Ottawa River is pretty shallow here and it's mostly shale rock.

I can't belive how calm the water was.  The only waves were wakes from the various other non-self-propelled watercraft we were surrounded by.

We paddled towards Aylmer Island, did a loop around it and returned.  (Sorry for the slight angle, sometimes it's hard to get the horizon straight in the canoe, LOL)  These pictures were taken with my small Canon PowerShot.  It went for a swim on our last camping trip last year and has come back to life. Although it did prevent me from taking any more pictures on that particular trip.

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