Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Nature is healing

Being in nature feels great. Well, at least if you plan it properly. Standing out in a thunderstorm without raingear wouldn't feel so great. But why does it feel good?

Listen to this CBC report talking about why nature is good for us: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/spark/get-outside-and-improve-your-health-immediately-1.4085298

Florence Williams talks about her book, "The Nature Fix".

The gist of it is that our brains are in constant "executive function". Spinning, spinning, processing information, making decisions. However, when we get out in nature, our brains switch over to "sensory function". We hear the birds. We smell the trees, we see the waves on the lake, we feel the breeze on our face.

This switch into becoming a sensory creature gives our brains a much-needed rest. We learn to wake up our other senses when we are outside.

Listen and picture yourself at a campsite on a warm, sunny day (no bugs).
Can you hear the birds?
Are you going camping this summer?

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