Friday, May 05, 2017

New Kit for 2017 - my stuff

It's almost disappointing to go shopping for new gear, there's not much that we really honestly need. However want and need are two different things and gift giving adds another dimension as well. Most purchases are improvements over something I already have.

Here are some new things I'll be taking with me this year.

A new paddle! LT has treated me by insisting he buy me a nicer paddle that the one I bought a couple of years ago. This new one is gorgeous. The staff at Trailhead Paddle Shack explained all the features and I was sold. It's very lightweight as well (always a big decision factor). The handle is hollow and the blade has a fiberglass coating. 

Winston testing it out far away from water

Here is the link to the paddle:

While we were there I picked up a clothesline. It's not needed for short trips, but for the longer ones, it will come in handy.
I got a new Leatherman multi-use tool. I bought one for LT for Christmas a few years ago and he gave me his old one. But I pester him enough for his because it has a teeny pair of very sharp scissors. So he bought me the same model.

For my birthday I got an amazing new chair. I've been happy with the chair I had already. However this new one sits much higher. I find that sitting in my usual chair or sitting in the canoe, my butt is lower than my knees and after a while it's really hard to stand and move about I'm so stiff. Hopefully this will ease that.

Chair all put together
In 2015 I won a prize from Algonquin Outfitters in a blog contest. Late in the season last fall we drove to Hunstville to get a different view of the park and to visit the store to claim my $100 prize. I selected a new air mattress. This model is mummy-shaped, which is fine as I'll be using it in my hammock. It is lightweight and compresses into something which is probably 1/4 the size of my current air mattress. It's the Thermarest ProLite and weighs 17 ounces.

For Christmas LT picked up a new Thermos for us both. I actually started using mine for my lunches at work. I heat up my lunch at home in a microwave-safe glass container and put it in the pre-heated Thermos to avoid the microwave line-up at the office. It's got a handy folded up spoon that sits inside the top. This will be perfect when having lunch on the move in the park.
My new lunch buddy
The manly size
I bought a new spoon to be used mostly for stirring the pot when cooking. This spoon is available in a regular length or in this longer length. I often find when I'm cooking that I drop my utensil into the mix - a very messy problem. Hopefully this spoon will help.
Pictured with a teaspoon and tablespoon for perspective
At the Outdoor show I picked up a new pillow. It's unique in that it's an inflated pillow but is stretchy, not rock hard, when fully inflated.
Winston always has to approve all camping purchases
It packs pretty tiny. It weighs 85 grams (3 ounces). It was a bit pricey ($30), but comfort when sleeping is worth every penny.

This cute light! Santa gave it to me (wink, wink).

It has a magnetic loop and can dim down to a setting you're happy with. It takes three AAA batteries.

Comparison pictures

Here are my two chairs and my new Thermarest put back into its stuff sack (a minor miracle after having it out all winter and inflated for storage). The one-liter Nalgene bottle is for perspective.

And finally, the two chairs back in their bags. The new chair is larger and heavier, but the increased comfort it will provide is worth the increase.
The new pillow, clothesline and lamp are also in that picture.

Well, I have a lot more new gear than I realized!

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