Food prep...

...and other yummy stuff

Nothing provides more comfort (well after being safe, dry, warm and out of the elements) than having yummy food on our trips. We have NEVER bought any of the dehydrated meals sold at MEC or any other outfitters. On our first overnight trip we brought all fresh food (and L.T. carried all our water). We went in late September so we had a lot of time to prepare before the next trip the following spring.

I picked up a camping cookbook at MEC, but honestly haven't used much from it. The basis for a lot of camp cooking is having a cast iron frying pan. We are NOT carrying that anywhere!

Then I found Chef Glenn. I purchased his online cookbook and it is excellent. It is the basis for almost all of my recipes. Backpacking Chef (AKA Chef Glenn)

Here are some posts that talk about food preparation:

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