Friday, July 14, 2017

Using a Thermos for Food Preparation

One of the greatest things I discovered in 2015 was using a Thermos as part of my kit for food preparation. I got the idea from Chef Glenn. 

Here's my original post when I bought the Thermos.

When I'm rehydrating a variety of things for a meal, the Thermos is even better than a pot with a pot cozy. I've started using it for rehydrating the fruit that goes into our desserts after dinner. Because the Thermos holds heat for so long, I can put the fruit and boiling water into it while I'm prepping the rest of the meal. The results are delicious and the clean-up is even better.
My original purchase from Canadian Tire (2015)
L.T. picked this up at Loblaws (2016)
 The 2017 version:
My new companion, love the spoon option (2017)

The manly, larger version - same spoon
The best feature is that while making tea at breakfast, I can toss in a single serving of dehydrated lunch, say chicken, veggies and rice, pour in some boiling water, and keep it in my big pack's side pocket. When I want to have some hot food on the trail, I just pop it out and chow down. Hot lunch, ready to go. The amount of time the food spends in the Thermos just makes it more rehydrated. No prep, no clean-up required on the trail. No need to even open up the big backpack!

Here are some Thermos lunchtime ideas:
  • chicken, rice and veggies with salsa
  • tortilla soup with chicken and veggies
  • Kraft dinner with pepperoni
  • ham and eggs
  • beef, noodles and veggies with soy sauce
What would you like to eat on the trail for lunch?

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