Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Packing for 3 weeks in the UK

Note: this post was written in July 2017.

I'm headed to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England for 3 weeks. And I'm only bringing carry-on! I may look like I did the whole trip in one day if I don't change my outfit often in the pictures, but the freedom of not having to check a bag? Priceless!

I have a standard carry-on rollerbag from SwissGear. It's a really nice piece that I selected as my 10-year anniversary from my last long term job. Honestly the clothes don't even fill the bag.

I picked up some new clothes for the trip. I shopped mostly at Joe Fresh and each item has a similar pattern. Clothes that I'm bringing:
  1. Short, sleeveless blue dress
  2. Long, short-sleeved blue dress
  3. Bathing suit
  4. Sarong
  5. Rain poncho
  6. Rain jacket
  7. One pair of jeans
  8. One pair of workout capis
  9. One pair of long black leggings
  10. T-shirts and tops
  11. Two nightgowns
  12. Two extra bras
  13. Underpants
  14. Two pairs of wool socks
  15. Scarf that matches the dresses and t-shirt

The extra stuff going in on top of the clothes:
  1. New Birkenstock sandals
  2. New dressy sandals (besides my Keen shoes, this is all I am taking)
  3. A new blue clutch bag for going out in the evening (otherwise I'll take my backpack)
  4. A gift for a host I'm visiting in Wales (an art piece by a friend)
  5. Wipes
  6. Clear Ziploc bag with all "liquids and gels" (deodorant, sunscreen, Tide mini pacs, gel vitamins, 2 mini toothpastes, 2 lip balms)
  7. Plastic mirror
  8. Toiletries bag with makeup, hair clips, elastics, brush, comb, etc.
  9. Shampoo bar in red soap container
  10. Vitamins, Gaviscon, Ibuprophen and one prescription
  11. Bag O' Electronic stuff: Garmin with 2 cords and holder, charging cords for Fitbit, cellphone, iPod, spare USB key and car lighter attachment to charge USB items.
For my personal carry-on item I am bringing a smallish cross-body backpack.

In that bag I have:
  1. My camera bag with spare battery, charger, USB cord and new camera
  2. My new Eureka! camping pillow
  3. Spare reading glasses
  4. A pen (those forms we need to fill in!)
  5. A small puzzle book
  6. A small journal (89 cents at Walmart)
  7. A book
  8. My passport in the holder
  9. Some candy (an absolute necessity, right?)
  10. My iPod with earbuds
  11. A drink bottle that looks like a can of pop
  12. Gum, mints, toothpicks
  13. Earplugs
  14. The tool to take my SIM card out of my phone (in its own mini baggie)

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