Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Bridges - a picture post

It's December 1st, where did November go? I can still get my fix of gorgeous Algonquin photos from various Facebook posts by real photographers - how do they get so close to all those animals? How do they even find them? We have freezing rain coming our way, so even though there's no snow on the ground - it's not far away.

Here are some Algonquin Park pictures, specifically of bridges. All pictures were taken from the canoe or on a portage. Enjoy a little piece of summer!
Logging Bridge over the North River - looks brand new
Bridge over the Petawawa River - just before Narrowbag Lake
Train Bridge over creek going into Aura Lee
Train Bridge on Little Cauchon Lake
Train Bridge from Grand Lake into Stratton Lake
Train Bridge on portage between Maple Lake and Erables Lake

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