Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa's a camper!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Santa left a lot of new camping gear under my tree. Did he do the same for you?

Okay, it wasn't Santa per se, but LT. And I've been spoiled rotten.

In the picture above there are three dry sacks, two 20 litre ones and a 30 litre one. They're the deluxe version with the purge valve. These are awesome for squishing down to take up less space in the backpack.  There is indeed a new hammock for me, the super deluxe backpacker one that is the lightest version, less weight for me to carry! It came with a couple of sets of snakeskins and some special dohickeys to help when it's raining.

You screw these funnels into regular plastic water bottles, they have a loop to hook onto your rainfly and as they fill with rain from the fly, they get heavier and hold down the fly. I'm almost wishing it rains the first time we go out this spring now. 

There's a package of four locksacks, plastic bags that have a waterproof lock top. They are 4 different sizes, and very lightweight.

The blue item is a merino wool tube that can be worn in multiple ways. It'll be lightweight and warm. And such a nice colour of blue!

The piece de resistance is a box of Godiva hot chocolate mix packets. I may have to test this product before bringing on a trip though. 

Santa brought LT a GoPro. There was a selfish reason behind that choice. It's so when he goes on any solo trips he can film it and I can see what I missed. 

Now I want spring to arrive! Hope you got lots of good camping gear too!

Thanks for reading!

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