Thursday, December 03, 2015

High Falls - a picture post

There are more than one set of High Falls on the Algonquin Park map. However, I think the most popular High Falls is near the Achray access point. There is a 10 km hike in from the access point (which makes 20 km round trip). There's also a shorter route which is about half that distance. I have done each of those hikes once with LT. He's hiked them numerous times.

This High Falls is popular because of the natural waterslide rocks above it. 
So far I haven't tried sliding on the rocks, but some day I will. Here are some pictures:
Hanging in there!
We envied the canoeists
Halfway vista 
Towards the waterslide
Over the edge
Self Portrait

The following pictures were from a hike later in the season when the water was lower:
Froggy friend
Hangout at the top of the falls

Looking straight down...


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