Monday, December 14, 2015

Campsites - a picture post

December is a month with zero camping trips, but it doesn't mean I can't make a trip down memory lane with pictures! So here is another picture post this time of the various campsites we've stayed at. Hopefully I'll remember them all correctly. I'll give them a rating out of 5 stars. If you have any questions as to where exactly a particular campsite is at, just ask!
Top of Grand Lake - 4 stars

Clemow Lake - 2 stars

Opalescent Lake - 4 stars

North River Lake - 4 stars

Not a campsite, portage ending on Cedar Lake - 0 stars

Cedar Lake near Acanthus Island the next night - 5 stars

Same spot

Grand Lake halfway up - looked like a 3 star, definitely 4 stars

Cedar Lake near Petawawa River inflow - 4 stars

Little Carcajou Lake - 3 star (only site on the lake)

Carl Wilson halfway down - 3.5 stars

Cedar Lake at the top - 5 stars

Manitou Lake - 4 stars

Biggar Lake back of pennisula - 3 stars

Three Mile Lake on rocky outcropping - 4 stars

Same site after packing up

Erables Lake halfway down - 5 stars (except a bit hilly)

Mouse Lake near sandy beach - 4 stars

Same spot
And again - check out the huge stone table

Mink Lake halfway up - 5 stars*****

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