Saturday, June 25, 2016

Check, check, check....

Enjoying yourself out in the backcountry happens when you're prepared. You're prepared if you've planned well. And planning requires a checklist.

There are multiple places online where you can download someone's version of their checklist of what they need when they go backcountry canoe camping. It's a good place to start, then you improve it by adding your own gear that you bring and feel is essential to a good trip experience.
Did I forget anything?
I recommend printing out your own checklist and using it when packing. Get a pen and cross those items off the list. Or you might forget something essential. It happens.

Here's a list of each individual item that I usually carry:
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • clothes
  • toiletries
  • air mattress
  • stove
  • fuel bottle
  • camping oven (really just a special pot cozy cover)
  • heat diffuser (for evening out the heat from the stove flame)
  • pots, frypan, lid, handle, pot cozies
  • my own dishes (plate, mug, knife, fork, spoon)
  • 2 one-litre Nalgene bottles
  • silicone measuring cup (to add water to dehydrated foods)
  • cooking utensils
  • kettle
  • scrubber/sponge
  • dishtowels
  • camp soap
  • multi-tool (pocket knife)
  • water filtration system
  • large water bag (to take water from the lake)
  • spare filter for water filtration system
  • pocket shower
  • mosquito coils
  • Hennesy Hammock
  • extra tarp
  • chair
  • kneeling pad (I mostly use it as a table surface on the ground)
  • bug hat and bug shirt
  • gloves
  • bug spray and sunscreen
  • camera
  • notebook and pen
  • map
  • clear map bag
  • sunglasses
  • reading glasses (2 pairs)
  • toilet paper
  • biodegradeable baby wipes
  • small shovel (in case there's no thunderbox)
  • headlamp
  • mini tent lamp/flashlight
  • bear bell
  • rainjacket
  • personal towel (1 small, 1 large)
  • dried food bag with food
Here are some of the things that LT carries besides the same personal items that we both need:
  • saw
  • extra tarp
  • compass
  • map
  • map bag with clear side
  • waist bag
  • bug shelter
  • bug shelter tarp
  • extra tent pegs
  • sink
  • special cord with pulley to hang food away from the bears
  • extra paddle
  • Thermocell with canisters and inserts
All packed up

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