Wednesday, June 01, 2016

What if.......I won the lottery?

Today I went with a friend who is looking at RVs as an option for her retirement living for the warm months here in Canada. She was checking out used trailers. We spent a couple of hours at a local dealership. She has her eye on a 2002 Jayco Eagle. Apparently these RVs have Amish staff working on the cabinetry, the overall quality of the Jayco RVs are the top of the line. The one she's interested in was clean, well-maintained and looked hardly used at all. It had a double bed and a sofa bed (for visitors). It has a built-in fridge that works with AC current, DC current or propane. Smart! There's a microwave, an awning outside, and a screen door. It's kind of amazing to see how far these trailers have come regarding functionality.

While I was cooling my heels in the showroom, I popped my head into various RVs to compare. The Jayco Pinnacle was one of the nicest RVs in the showroom. Here's what it looks like:
There is almost 5 feet of clearance under the overhang above. The RV has an awning and a few pop-outs or sliders. One is visible in the photo above and below.
That photo is taken from the back end with a close-up of the pop-out.
This is the view from the door looking towards the back. Yes, leather sofas.
From the back looking towards the door and bedroom that's in the front. An island in the kitchen. I don't even have an island my kitchen at home!
This is a close-up of the HUGE fridge, the propane stove, and microwave. Oh, and a double-sink in the island.
Over by the leather sofas there's a HUGE television and a fireplace.
Here's a close-up of the leather sofa.
Here's the hallway heading up towards the bedroom. The bathroom is on the left.
Here's the bathroom sink. I didn't take a picture of the shower, but it was lovely. A semi-circular shower with two doors that open for access.
The bedroom isn't huge compared to a home, but for a trailer it's roomy. The mirrors on the closet doors add to the feeling of space.
Here's the view from the bed, lots of closet space and a dresser with another big television.

I have no idea how much this baby costs, here's a link to their website where you can get a quote.

I have a feeling I won't be buying this trailer even if I did win enough that it would be a pittance for me. I have no desire to have this level of luxury. I much prefer being on a campsite, with everything I have with me that I carried in myself. I don't want to hear the noises from a heavily populated campground, I want to hear the loons and owls and the wind in the pines over my head.
My preferred way to experience nature

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  1. Although very luxurious , the RV's make me feel so closed in. I am not a camper but if I am going to enjoy the outdoors I don't want to do it from the inside of a moving apartment LoL.