Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trip log - Cedar Lake to Mink Lake: June 11 to 14, 2016 - Day 3

Monday - a rest day

Last night was very quiet and calm, peaceful and almost silent. However the birds started up very, very early. A crow decided to zig-zag through the woods behind us and caw very loudly for a while. 

We had been able to set up the hammocks first try yesterday. 
My hammock, I could see the trees when lying in it
LT's hammock - he's still sleeping
The very necessary bug shelter
Once LT got up and fetched the food bags for me (sometimes I'm too short, also, I avoided being involved in the hang on this site, so I didn't even know where it was) we had breakfast. Today it was blueberry pancakes with bacon. I have a tube from Nalgene that I put the butter in and the first job of the morning, after making tea, is to soften the butter enough to get it out of the tube. 
My mouth waters just looking at this deliciousness!
The following are some shots of the lake from our campsite:

Nice shoreline
Today's schedule? Nada. We decided to paddle over to the island to check out the site in case we might use it in the future. Here are the island pictures:

Bathroom with a view

It's a nice site, lots of room to put tents, not as much for hammocks. The trees were mostly hanging off the top of the cliff into the water. A bit dicey in the dark getting in and out of the hammock tied on those trees.

We paddled back to our site and I had a nap. After that I started on dinner. We had lasagna with savoury biscuits. 
Dessert was a new recipe, Banana Cream Puffs. It was made with rehydrated bananas, banana pudding and dried angel food cake, YUM!

Tonight bedtime was 10 p.m.
Moon picture taken from inside my hammock
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