Monday, June 06, 2016

Crafty post - another pot cozy

A couple of years ago I made pot cozies for my 3 pots.  I also made circles that are used to both protect the pot bottoms when nested and as pot holders in the backcountry. We usually don't bring the largest pot and the bag that came with my pots is plenty big with the cozied pots in it. 
My pot cozies with pot "holders"
I used fabric designed for pot holders. The silver side can be exposed to heat so the white cotton fabric is on the outside. This fabric was very expensive, so I had to be careful when cutting it to ensure very little waste.

When I got the idea to do this, I had seen a couple of online sets of pot cozies that were made out of material you'd get at Home Depot, such as a metal/plastic type of wrap. I prefer to work with fabric and the pot cozies I have now have really stood up to repeated use very nicely.

Here's today's project:
Getting ready to sew!
LT only has 2 pots in his set, with 2 lids and a frypan. There are 3 circles in the picture above as 2 are for pot holders and one is going to be the bottom of the pot cozy I'm making for his bigger pot. He only wanted one cozy. I'm going to make a nylon bag with a drawstring to hold the set. I bought a couple of plastic toggles to tie off the drawstring with.

I've mentioned before that I'm not great with making my own patterns. I cut a pattern out in parchment paper first. My pots were completely cylindrical so no issue there. LT's pots are angled. Hmmmm. I marked a start point on the paper and as I rolled the pot along it on its side, I marked in pencil the shape. I tried the paper shape out against the circle for the bottom. It took a few tries to get the right size.
All sewn up!
I made the cozy a bit higher than the pot. It can be folded down if needed.
LT's full set of pots
And here's the final product in the drawstring bag.
Black nylon = doesn't show the dirt!
I'm going to make a confession here. I tried to extend the fabric from an angle to a straight, but ended up veering to one side. As the opening is just big enough to get everything in, I can't correct it. But it's just a bag and you'd never know unless you were laying the empty bag flat on a surface. 

I paid $2.80 for two toggles (used one), $6 for a remnant of black nylon and the rest of the items I had already (pot holder fabric, thread, shoelace for drawstring). This wasn't an expensive project because I already had the expensive fabric.

This was a fun afternoon project!

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