Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trip log - Cedar Lake to Mink Lake: June 11 to 14, 2016 - Day 4

Tuesday - Laurel Lake back to Brent access point

It was another peaceful night although it got very, very cold. It probably dropped to 5 or less. I have a mini thermometer and by the time I got up around 7:30, it was reading 7 with full sun on the site. Brrr. I hadn't been cold in my hammock on any night but that was dependent on being in my sleeping bag and liner properly and being on top of my mattress (any wandering limbs would immediately know they were off the mattress). LT was also cozy in his hammock. He had a new air mattress he picked up on Friday from MEC.

This morning's most rousing bird was a woodpecker that I swear was on the same tree my hammock was hung on. He didn't hang around long, just enough to wake us both up.
View from inside my hammock
Fake sleeping for the photo op
Cozy feet
Something both of our campsites on this trip had in common was a latrine that was up a very steep hill. I had to use trekking poles to get to the thunderbox on both sites.
It's up there
Here are some pictures of the bug shelter set-up: 
I used my table as my chair for this trip
LT took my chair for a test drive
The bug shelter screen doesn't impede our view
Breakfast today was dehydrated eggs with red peppers, onions, and dried canned ham. And bacon. I added a mozarella cheese string to mine.
We didn't rush today to pack up. We didn't have too far to go. It would be a leisurely paddle and only a single, flat portage.
The last we see of Laurel Lake
Going from Aura Lee into Little Cedar Lake
Back into Cedar Lake
On our last bit of Little Cedar, we were weaving through some small islands when we surprised what I think was a wolf on one island. I didn't see his head, but I saw from the neck down and at first thought it was a fox, but it was the wrong colour and it didn't have a fluffy fox tail. He was a brindle colour, grey and dark brown. The wrong colour for a coyote as well. We quietly spun the canoe around for a better look, but he'd disappeared along the side of the island. We then heard him splash loudly into the lake as he jumped in trying to get away from us.

Our same lunch spot from Saturday but much nicer weather
What a view down Cedar Lake!
I have never seen this lake so calm

Our car, one other car and the ranger's truck
It took about 4 hours to get home, including the requisite stop for poutine in Deep River. We compared bug bites and LT definitely won for both quantity and size. I would prefer to lose this contest anyways. 

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  1. looks like a good trip done that section before food looked really good can't wait been 3 years since last time in the park. Can't wait is an under statement hopefully the bugs have let up by july 16th. thanks for sharing!!

    1. Have a great trip the next time you go to the park!