Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Day Tripping: Achray Access to Stratton Lake

It's August and that means...the bugs are almost gone!

We haven't been camping much so far this season, but we've been on a couple of hikes and a couple of day trips with the canoe. This was day trip #2 taken on Sunday of the August long weekend. 

We launched on a gorgeous sunny day out of Achray, the Grand Lake was already a bit wavy. We headed to the portage into Stratton Lake, the one we famously missed our very first time on this lake.

We're using L.T.'s new vehicle, so tying the canoe down is a learning experience. A dog walker decided to stop us and give us her advice as he was picking me up to leave. 

Water is low this summer and the creek between Grand and Stratton has a few rocks you need to avoid. 

I only took my phone out to take pictures once we stopped at a campsite for lunch. I didn't want to drop it overboard! This campsite is the one at the very bottom of Stratton close to the portage into St. Andrews Lake

It was a gorgeous day and the paddling was pretty uneventful until we tried to get back to the access point on Grand Lake. As we came into the lake, the wind was coming at us in an unsuitable direction. The water was choppy, much like a washing machine and the canoe handles differently when not fully loaded. We ended up taking a break on the sandy beach. I tried to convince LT that we needed to take the short Jack Pine trail back to the campground. On our third try in the boat, we managed to make it back to shore.

Here's my Fitbit map showing our trip in. I wish I had tracked our route on the way out, it would have been much more wiggly!

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