Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food Planning and Preparation: Desserts!

Last, but not least - DESSERT!

I don't have many pictures because even though the desserts I've been making are yummy, they are not photogenic.
*Chef Glenn's recipes, the last one in the list above, he has on his website, make it!

Our number one favourite that we take on every trip is the Banana Nut Bread Pudding. It has dried bananas and dried Italian bread, walnuts, and sugar. I rehydrate the bananas with some sugar, then add the nuts and dried bread at the end, mix and devour.

The cake with berries is dried angel food cake, dried strawberries and a little bit of cocoa mix made into a chocolate sauce. The berries get rehydrated in boiling water, the sauce stirred up in a mug, then the 3 parts mixed together.

Fruit crisp is crumbled granola over rehydrated berries (usually frozen raspberries that have been dried) and a touch of sugar.

The last dessert is one I added to the rotation this year for the first time. It is a bit more of an effort to make, but it sure is delicious! It is one part instant vanilla pudding, one part dried pineapples rehydrated, one part dried angel food cake and coconut sprinkled on top.  I'm taking it on a trip this weekend with my brother's family.
3 dried pineapples - teacup for scale

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