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Trip log - Sec Lake Overnight, June 21-22, 2014

Happy Birthday LT!

After our chilly Victoria Day long weekend we were back in the park for a quick overnight trip. This was going to be a super easy weekend, we were going to Sec Lake for one night only to celebrate LT's birthday (which had been on Thursday).

We stopped and picked up our rental canoe from Algonquin Portage. We had to first go to the Sand Lake Gate then backtrack to the fork were the turnoff to Sec Lake is.  LT had camped at this lake quite a bit back in the days when he was posted at the base nearby in Petawawa.

The road through the woods had to be driven slowly and carefully. There is a road to the water, but the parking is bit further away. However, that being said, there are some inconsiderate people who seem to think they can leave THEIR vehicle right by the water. Ahem.  Actually I think this was more of a problem with the day trippers, which we encountered when we returned on Sunday.

Jeff's map
We put the canoe into the water, loaded it up, LT moved the car back to the parking lot and we were off. We didn't race to any particular campsite as we knew once we decided where we would be staying, we probably wouldn't be doing much after that.

We explored the southernmost part of the lake, then went back to camp on the island (marked by the purple triangle above). It's a really pretty site, a rocky base sloping into the water and lots of pine trees.  We had a lot of company on this site - chipmunks!

After lunch it was nap time. I had to haul out my mattress to lie down. LT just stretched out in his Larry chair. We were both very still. Then the chipmunks took over. I'm blaming the warmth, the quiet, the peacefulness for our inaction. LT saw the chipmunk scrabbling over the clear plastic Eureka drybag I had bought at the Boy Scout store with our food in it, but didn't think anything of it. Then a chipmunk decided he was going to explore the inside of LT's pant leg. Chippie scampered as far up as far as his knee before LT moved and startled him back out again.

Once he was moving he checked out the food bag and it turns out that chipmunks are very capable chewers. The little scamp had chewed his way through the bag! It was no longer going to work as a drybag.  I duct taped it when I got home, but we've pretty much retired that bag. So much for my 15% off sale that I bought it at.

Part of the feeding frenzy might have been sparked off by us tossing the chipmunks some bread crumbs from our fresh lunch. It was hard to resist, they're so darn cute!

This campsite had a quasi outhouse instead of a thunderbox. We went for a walk before supper around the island. Each on our own. LT wandered all the way to the other campsite, I didn't make it quite that far.

The bugs weren't bad. We had a bundle of firewood we had bought at the park gate and had a fire that evening. I don't think we even pitched the bug shelter.

Here's the menu:
DAY 1:

Breakfast (in the car)
Egg wraps with bacon
Fresh sandwiches
Granola with dried fruit
Homemade brownies
Banana nut bread pudding
After Dinner:
Hot chocolate
DAY 2:

Bannock - sweet
Salsa, rice, chicken
Granola with dried fruit

I don't remember any nighttime animal activity. Although the spring peepers would have been out in full force. We slept in the next morning and took our time making breakfast, having an extra cup of tea.  We hung around long enough to make our hot lunch, then packed up to paddle the short distance to the launch point, load up the car and go home after dropping off the canoe.

We had planned to maybe hike some of the portages around the lake, but we were just too lazy to bother on this trip.  Our next trip was going to be a very challenging one, it's just as well we took it easy!

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