Sunday, August 23, 2015

Making Dehydrated Eggs

My only experience with powdered eggs is the $1.99 breakfast at Ikea's. I used to work right next door to the Ottawa Ikea years ago and the only way they could keep the price that low is powdered eggs. I'm assuming. Also, they only serve it for about an hour in the morning, open at 10, breakfast until 11. I tried it once with my co-workers, then just switched to their massive cinnamon buns. (Shhhh, I didn't really say that!)

I hear that powdered eggs are almost always gross. Chef Glenn has a solution. It takes a bit of work in the kitchen, but it produces palatable scrambled eggs in camp. He doesn't give the recipe for free on his web site, so I'm going to be respectful and not give you the proportions of ingredients. But I'll explain the process.

Having eggs for breakfast while canoe camping is great. We need protein, especially if it's going to be a travel day, something that's going to give us energy and strength to push through the morning.

This egg recipe is not just eggs, it's a hybrid version. The eggs are mixed with polenta. The first step is to make a batch of polenta. Once it has cooled slightly it is mixed into some eggs that have been beaten so the yolk and whites are completely mixed. The whole batch is put into the oven to bake, you need to stir it a couple of times during baking. I don't even add salt or pepper. I bring those along and much like my cooking at home, I salt when I'm going to eat it, except for baking when it's in a recipe.

Ready for the oven
Once it is baked, you take it out of the oven and put it on the dehydrator trays. His recipe says it takes about 4 hours to dehydrate. I have a less expensive dehydrator, so I often find that it takes a bit longer to dry for me. 
Out of the oven

Here's a picture of the tray ready to go into the dehydrator.

And this is what the 5 trays of eggs look like when they are finished drying:

I also dehydrate some canned ham to add to these eggs when we're going to eat them. I got these cans, 4 for $5, at Food Basics yesterday.

As I mentioned, I'm not a powder egg connoissuer. However, LT is and the first time he tasted these he really liked them. This batch I am making above is coming along with us for a 7 day trip we're taking in September.

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