Thursday, August 20, 2015

Keen on Keens!

This post has a long back story. Several years ago I bought a present for someone, a book about a golf trip the author took, he golfed and walked the perimeter of Ireland. We went off to Cuba on vacation, we were staying in Old Havana at a bed and breakfast. We forgot to bring the usual travel Scrabble game for evening entertainment (I know, sounds like we're party animals - not!). So we entertained ourselves by reading the golf book out loud to each other.

It was "A Course Called Ireland" by Tom Coyne, and it was a hilarious read! We enjoyed it so much, I lent the book to both of my brothers, my father and my boss. My boss enjoyed it so much he bought 4 copies, one for each of his golfing foursome including himself.

Which all sounds very completely off track. But one of the things the author mentions is the brand of the boots he wore on the trip. Keen. This was the first time I'd heard about the brand but the next time I was in Trailhead I noticed they carried Keen shoes. The next trip after Cuba was a trip to San Francisco where there was going to be lots and lots of walking. I wanted to buy a shoe that would be comfortable, practical, durable and allow me to keep up with my walking partner. I bought a pair of the Presidio casual shoes and they were perfect for what I needed. However, it took a bit to get over the fact that they are not "pretty, girly" shoes.  

After a couple of years the Presidio shoes started to creak when I was walking in them. I know from running shoes that often the shoes break down inside but the outside still looks fine. I bought a second pair of the exact same style. Honestly when I put the two pairs beside each other, you could hardly tell which ones were the older pair. 

A very handsome Winston is modelling this pair
Since then I have added to my Keen collection. After the first hike that LT took me through Algonquin Park (20 km) and my hiking boots treated me so poorly, I bought a pair of hiking shoes.

I added a pair of the Whisper sandals because they looked like a perfect canoeing shoe (ah, but the bugs bite through the holes) and my feet currently have a very funny set of tan lines I wear these so much.

All trips start by taking that first step....

I am happy with all my Keen purchases! I even have a teeny Keen sandal that LT caught from Kevin Callan when he was tossing them out at a talk he was giving at last spring's Outdoor Show. It's just so darn cute!

I would highly recommend any of their footwear. And Keen is not aware of my existence so they are not sponsoring this post. (HA!)

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