Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Picture Post: Portage signs from Kiosk Lake trip

I attempted to photograph all the portage signs for this trip. I tried to take pictures of the signs at both ends of each portage (in theory, I should have 48 signs and there are only 36 here). But, alas, I did not get all of them. The first one wasn't visible due to low water, we had to take out before the actual portage. When we were at portages with other people, I also did not take out my camera. (Silly to be shy about taking the pictures.)

Here's one that did not identify the location
Day 1: Sunday
Kiosk Lake to Amable du Fond to Manitou Lake
(one sign missing going from Kiosk into Amable du Fond)

Day 2: Monday
Manitou Lake into North Tea Lake, Mangotasi Lake into Hornbeam Lake, into Biggar Lake


Day 3: Tuesday
Biggar Lake to Sinclair Lake, to Kawa Lake, to Upper Kawa Lake, to Three Mile Lake

Day 4: Wednesday
Three Mile Lake to North Sylvia Lake, to Boggy Lake, to Dahinda Lake and Ratrap Lake, to Maple Lake, to Erables Lake

Day 5: Thursday
Erables Lake to Big Thunder Lake, to Mink Creek, to Mouse Lake

Day 6: Friday
Mouse Lake to Club Lake, to Mink Lake

Day 7: Saturday
Mink Lake to Little Mink Lake, to Kiosk Lake

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