Sunday, September 13, 2015

What made it back?

Aaaaaaand, we're back!

It was a challenging 7-day trip. We went in at Kiosk Lake at the top of Algonquin Park and did an 80 km loop with 15+ km of portaging.  We didn't have to do the same portage again in the trip, which was nice, all new terrain for both of us. The bugs were minimal, the weather was pretty good. It started off quite warm and cooled down a bit. The last night was chilly, I'm guessing it went down to 6 or 7 in the coldest part of the night. 

In the meantime, before I have a chance to document the whole trip, here's what we brought back in the food department:

The bag that couldn't hold it all at the beginning

The contents
Above is shown:

  • a bannock mix (that has been on probably 5 trips)
  • some dried cherries
  • a few pistachios
  • the rest of the butter
  • 2 lunches for both of us
  • 1 lunch for just one person (what I was putting in my Thermos)
A note on the Thermos. I LOVED it!  It came in handy every day and more than once a day even. What did I do with it? I would put in a single dehydrated lunch, pour in the water, carry it on the sidepocket of my bag, stop and eat lunch midway through the day! What else? I could use it to rehydrate the fruit for our nightly dessert. One morning when I wasn't going to make a lunch in it, I made a third cup of tea and it was steaming later that day. It works great and it will come on the rest of my trips. It's a keeper!

Stay tuned for all 7 days of the trip log!

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