Saturday, September 05, 2015

Planning food for a 7 day trip

And.....we're almost off!  Here's what I'm packing for a seven day trip.  Our loop is 79.3 km in total distance with over 15 km of portaging.  Phew!


  • One of fresh eggs (LT is bringing the pre-cooked bacon)
  • Two dehydrated eggs with dried ham breakfast
  • Two blueberry pancakes (LT is bringing the maple syrup)
  • One banana nut oatmeal breakfast
Breakfast minus the bacon and maple syrup

LT has decided to cut back on lunches, we are bringing 3 shared lunches.  I am integrating the concept of making a single lunch for myself at breakfast, putting the dried food into a thermos with boiling water at breakfast and eating it later on the trail.  

  • Rice, salsa, veggies, and chicken
  • Rice, chicken, veggies and soy sauce
  • Good old KD with cut up pepperettes
  • Single lunches are rice, veggies and either chicken or beef
+ the Thermos I'm trying this trip
  • Soft tacos with salsa, chicken, veggies, and cheese strings
  • Pizza with fresh dough crust, veggies, cheese strings, and cut up pepperettes
  • 2 dinners of Pasta with sauce, ground meat and veggies
  • Chicken and rice with veggies and salsa
Dinner choices
  • Banana nut bread pudding (3 of these)
  • Fruit crips (1 of this)
  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake (2 of these)
Just Desserts! We'll have earned them...
  • Dried bananas
  • 4 dried pineapples
  • Dried cherries
  • Bannock
  • Cinnamon buns (with fresh dough mix)
  • York Peppermint Patties (after dinner snack)
  • A few bars
  • Gum
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Pistachios
  • Tea bags, sugar, salt and pepper (not in picture)
Stuff from the fridge: butter, cheese, pepperettes
What's going in the dry food bag
I will weigh the bag once it is fully packed and update this post with the final weight.  This is the bag I usually carry.  If it's over 10 pounds I might want to convince LT to take some of it.  :-)  

14.2 pounds.  And it doesn't all fit in the food dry bag, but it does fit in my pack. Okay, wait, no, it doesn't fit in my pack..... ;-P

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